Practical, experiential education is a value of our partner school, NBA, in Nepal. We were delighted to be present for the Social Studies lesson on “democratic government”. The students experienced their own election, simulating the national elections that were about to be held. Ballots were printed, party positions explained, students waited in line, were checked against the voter list, had their thumbs indelibly marked, and cast their votes. We were delighted to be there to see the students actually walk through these steps to better understand “democratic government”.

Casting her vote

Her thumb is marked.

Exercising his right and privilege in a democratic governmentCounting the ballots while voters wait to learn the will of the people.

From October 18th until November 15th, we enjoyed the beautiful, clear, temperate fall weather of Nepal. It’s no wonder they choose to have their yearly festivals during this appealing time. And hordes of tourists travel to Nepal in the fall to trek, climb, and see the sights. But more enjoyable than the weather, and more rewarding than the sights is the time spent with our wonderful sponsored students and, separately at NBA,¬†the school with which we partner. ¬†Witnessing the progress and growth in both of these groups is what motivates us to make the twice yearly pilgrimage.

Our welcome at NBA, National Bethel Academy.

Our sponsored students on retreat with us.

We are proud of two more motivated Foresight sponsored students who have worked very hard and earned their Bachelor degrees. The idea of a college education seemed clearly out of reach during their growing up years in a group home for needy children, sponsored by Prison Fellowship Nepal. But due to the generosity of their Foresight sponsors from the USA and the determination of these young men, their life trajectory has totally changed! Congratulations, gentlemen!!

An Information Technology major

A Medical Microbiology major

Currently, National Bethel Academy is finishing the first term in its tenth year of operation! More than 300 students are benefitting from NBA’s blend of modern teaching methods and supportive, caring teachers. Such approaches are unique and unusual in rural Nepal. Also, students are enjoying two new additions to their school…a lunch room and a renovated playground.

A nutritious lunch is served daily in the new lunchroom.

Instead of playing on mud and stones, students have a newly paved playground.

We have recently returned from Nepal and are again favorably impressed with Foresight’s choice to focus on depth, not breadth, in our work there. Again this time, we spent many hours with individual students listening, asking questions, offering perspective, challenging, and encouraging the Foresight sponsored students. The conversations concern health, ¬†studies, choice of future careers, present work challenges, family issues, and questions about faith and Biblical content. It is a privilege to wrestle over these issues with these serious young folks who are doing their best to build a purposeful life.

Talking over concerns about challenging subject matter

Weighing options for Bachelor program

Evaluating programs for Bachelor study


Talking about the best place to live