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Jackets and hats needed indoors

Our friends in Kathmandu are telling us how difficult it is there during these winter months. The temperature often dips below 40 degrees, sometimes as low as 32. That might not sound so awful to us, but their homes, schools, and other buildings are not heated!! The masonry construction of buildings holds the cold into the daytime hours.

Kathmandu is also enduring 12-14 hours per day with no electricity. This is called “load shedding” and happens because the capacity to generate electricity diminishes as the country moves into the dry season. Load shedding makes it difficult for students to study at night or access computers at the cyber cafes. It is a challenging time of year for our Nepali friends!!

Bigyan is a young man who was rescued from prison thirteen years ago by Prison Fellowship Nepal.  He was sponsored through Foresight to complete grades 11 and 12. While considering his next steps in education, he has been working to give others a chance… the way he has been given a chance !

He has been working with an organization which educates Nepali village girls about the perils of “trafficking” and grants scholarships to girls to keep them in school.  Bigyan recently returned from a campaign in the rural areas outside Kathmandu where videos about girl trafficking were shown in local schools.

Children performing cultural dance in native costume

Parents and guests enjoyed a Christmas celebration with their children at National Bethel Academy in Trishuli. The church hall was filled to capacity as the students  sang and danced for the audience. A Christmas message was also given by one of the school founders.