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On our recent trip to Nepal we journeyed together with Foresight board member, Dave Monaghan and his wife Terry, to the town of Trishuli to visit National Bethel Academy. (see “education” tab on website). The four of us renewed acquaintances with the principal, teachers, and  management board. We discussed future plans for the school, enjoyed warm fellowship, and were delighted to see the happy students in the classrooms.

A warm Nepali style greeting by the students at NBA!

Discussing ideal classroom dimensions on the newly finished fourth floor of the school building. This levelwill house grade 4 beginning in April.

John in conversation with NBA principal.

Showing teachers more games to use in their teaching.

Teachers practicing creative, hands on activities to use in their classrooms.

A highlight of our trip...on the way to our "getaway" with a van very full of students receiving scholarships through Foresight.

On the way....the bond of brotherhood!

It was great reconnecting with the Nepali students studying under Foresight’s White Rhododendron Scholarship program!  A highlight of our time with them was a 2 day retreat where we all learned lessons from the life of Joseph in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Our study prompted each of us to consider our own life story and where we are going in it. And we shared plenty of laughs when we introduced them to the American game of kickball! We were touched to see how inspired these young folks were by a movie we watched about a boy who overcame social prejudice to win the US Open golf championship. It was a delightful time!!

students writing about their "life story"

Nepali "tea break" at the retreat