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Children attending National Bethel Academy

completed school building...ready for grade 4!

After completing the third floor of the school building, National Bethel Academy added a fourth grade class and opened their doors for a new school year last month.  Just beginning their fourth year of operation, the school now has 160 students in grades nursery through four. NBA strives to use creative teaching methods and foster an appreciation of differences in learning styles. The teachers continue to receive training from the Early Childhood Education Center and Kisc Equip, both in Kathmandu.

As the deadline for a completed constitution approaches, various groups within Nepal are agitating for their particular interests. Consequently, there have been many bandhs (strikes) recently.  These bandhs totally stop transportation.In effect, they paralyze the country. The normally congested streets of Kathmandu are open only to pedestrian traffic and it is nearly impossible to conduct business or attend school.

One Student on a Foresight scholarship said it this way in an email “Here now a days we are suffering from strikes done by different political parties and some castes as well. Every day we can not go for our as usual activity. Due to this almost all of the colleges and schools are also suffering. Its really challenging here.”

Imagine these normally congested streets,emptied of all traffic due to political strikes!