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During our last visit to Nepal in February, Milan told us he had no idea what course of study he wanted to pursue after he finished grade 12. Continuing in a Management curriculum did not interest him.  He commented that perhaps he might like to work for an NGO.  We asked him if he knew what an NGO did  and he confessed that he did not.

We suggested a summer internship with an NGO.  It would be a constructive use of  the several  months Nepali students spend waiting for their grade 12 final exam results before they can apply for a bachelor program.  Having never approached an adult in a position of authority, Milan was unsure of himself and hesitant about asking for a volunteer opportunity. But with encouragement and coaching  he accepted the challenge.   The result:  a position working in the central office of the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN). We are very proud of Milan ! After his internship, hopefully he will be able to say, “Now I know what an NGO does!”

"Slowly- slowly I am learning many new things"