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We have spent the last hours weighing our suitcases and stuffing in a few more items.   In a matter of hours we will connect with board member, Dave, and his wife, Terry, at Logan airport as we four begin the long air “trek” to Nepal. Once there, we will spend time with children rescued from Nepal’s prisons. More teacher training is in store for the teachers at National Bethel Academy in the town of Trishuli, as we also see the newly completed 4th floor of the school building there. And the secondary level students supported by FORESIGHT will be our companions for a mentoring retreat in Nagarkot. We can’t wait!! It is a delight to partner with these folks and learn from them at least as much as we offer.

National Bethel Academy completed building grades 1-4

Watch for our travel report and photos in early September!

Nursery school children in new sandbox