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For the past month or so, the people of Nepal have been celebrating their two biggest holidays…Dashain and Tihar. Every October, when the weather is the best, before the cold winter months, Nepal celebrates!  Stores, banks, businesses, and schools close down.  Nepalis climb aboard overcrowded buses and head to their ancestral villages to see their relatives where rituals are observed and gifts are exchanged. And Kathmandu becomes quiet compared to its usual busyness.

Nepali "overfilled" bus!

Like everyone else, our Foresight students were glad for the holiday.  A few had a break from school for an entire month.  Some traveled to their villages on those crowded buses for short or long stays. Some enjoyed the peace and quiet of Kathmandu emptied of people and traffic. Because of  overfilled buses, one student chose to walk …for a day… to return to Kathmandu.

Thankfully, all except one, are back in Kathmandu ready to begin their studies again and face the cold winter months ahead!

Or instead of a crowded bus, try this!!