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This is the time of year for term exams, and the all important board exams, for many Foresight students. In Nepal, students have many weeks off from classes prior to exams, in order to study and prepare for the tests. So our students huddle under their blankets with their books (to beat the cold) and spend many hours reviewing and memorizing the material they need to learn. All the best to these serious students facing exams!

Books ready to be tackled in preparation for exams!

Enduring the winter weather in Kathmandu is definitely a challenge for our friends there. The temperature can drop to the high 30′s at night. Since there is no heat in the buildings and the masonry construction holds the cold, getting outside into the sun in the daytime is a must for survival. To add insult to injury, the electricity goes off on a regular basis, too.

The Foresight sponsored students survive by drinking lots of hot water and huddling under their bedcovers to do their studies. They need to endure the extreme cold for yet another month before the weather begins to warm up in mid February.

Young school children keeping warm inside school