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We continue to get positive feedback about the seminar on worldview which we held with the Foresight sponsored students in March. Board member, Dave Monaghan challenged the students with an in depth look at comparative world views stemming from different religions, including the philosophy of materialism. The students found it very interesting and helpful as we compared various components and outcomes of different world views.

National Bethel Academy in the town of Trishuli in Nepal just launched its seventh year of operation one week ago, with the expansion to 6th grade. Congratulations are in order to all the teachers, staff, and board! And we offer our prayers and best wishes for a successful year.

Several weeks ago during our visit, we helped to prepare a fifth floor room to become a new classroom. In addition, Foresight treated 4 teachers of the younger grades to a trip  into Kathmandu to choose new materials for their classrooms.  We all had fun!

Choosing materials for the first grade classroom.

John packing new materials into boxes for the van ride back to Trishuli

Teachers emptying storeroom to transform it into a classroom

While in Nepal, we spent delightful times with both brand new and veteran teachers at National Bethel Academy. We shared seminars on classroom management and helped develop the teachers’ English skills. One benefit of prolonged engagement was the building of mutual trust.

NBA teachers learning English together NBA teachers…as eager students

NBA teachers absorbing new ideas about classroom management

Momos for lunch. We shared a prepared lunch each day at the school during the training sessions.