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In the past month we have welcomed a new student into the Foresight “fold”. After completing grade 10, Pasang passed the exam to earn the School Leaving Certificate (SLC). ┬áThis qualifies him to enroll in a “plus two” program which consists of grades 11 and 12. Pasang has begun Management/Commerce studies in grade 11. He has also left the PFN Peaceloving Children’s Home and is living in the new Foresight Home. Welcome, Pasang!!

Newest Foresight student

Respondng to the need for more  housing for our sponsored students, we have opened a second Foresight home right next door to the original Foresight flat. It currently houses five young men. We feel very fortunate to have found the right accommodation at the right price in the right neighborhood. We look forward to spending time at the new flat when we are there in October.

Entry gate into the new Foresight flat