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Using donations to Foresight for earthquake relief, Foresight students have been taking aid to their families in villages. Some of the rural areas where families are located have received no help yet. The students are taking tarps, food, and medicine. They are also helping to build temporary shelters.

Devastated village house

It is reported by the NYTimes that 6,ooo schools have been damaged in the earthquakes in Nepal. And Foresight’s partner school, National Bethel Academy, is one of them. “Prolonged interruption to education can be devastating for children’s development and future prospects,” says the UNICEF representative in Nepal. We are hoping to get NBA’s building repaired quickly or to find another space where classes can be held, so the children can continue to learn and develop as they should.NBA had just begun a new school year with grades K-7 when the earthquake struck, causing cracks in the building.

We received these words in an email from one of our Foresight sponsored students, “As in other villages the house in which I was born has also been destroyed and the villagers are having a really hard time.They are not having proper foods and shelter. We even can’t go village since the ways are blocked by landslide and the many suspension bridges along the way have broken and are weak so its risky to go. So the only option is to go by helicopter.” In these situations, the students can’t even get to their families to deliver assistance and they feel distraught.

Nepal earthquake aftermath

Foresight students are on the way to help their families in devastated villages. They are not sure what they will encounter when they arrive. At least one village destination has received no assistance yet. The students are taking basic supplies of food, shelter, and medicine funded by donations to Foresight.