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Ironically, repairs to the school begin with further destruction. The concrete floor on the lowest level of the school must be completely removed. Parts of the walls are being taken out and there is digging going on around the outside of the foundation. It is tough, backbreaking work done all by hand.

NBA principal surveying further damage to school in order to repair it.

Ground floor of school all broken, by hand, and ready for removal

John and I arrived in Nepal Thursday evening, June 25th. We caught a ride to Trishuli yesterday, June 28th, with a team of Romanians who came to build temporary shelters.

John unloading at NBA in Trishuli

Student at village home in Gorkha district, epicenter of quake

A number of our sponsored students have used Foresight earthquake relief funds to help their families in need. They have purchased and delivered food, medicine, and rebuilding supplies. One student, currently with his family in the Gorkha district, very near the earthquake epicenter, is helping them to build a shelter against the monsoon rains expected very soon. He told us, “We have to manage the resources before the monsoon begins.This is because once the monsoon begins, it is not possible to travel by bus, tractor, or jeep to the remote places.”

One student helping his family near the epicenter of the first quake told us, “People have lost their houses, their loved ones and cattle. Due to frequent aftershocks, people have lost their hope to survive.” His family has been unable to retrieve their utensils, blankets and grain from their collapsed house because of the risk. “Even the army personnel were afraid to go in there to take it out” he said.