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In addition to individual mentoring, Foresight provides a “retreat”time  for the sponsored students as a group twice per year. Out of the city, in peaceful, rural surroundings for two days, students are rejuvenated through Bible study, worship, and some practical instruction. Our hope is for them to return to their studies and other responsibilities after the retreat with refreshed energy and vision.

Serious engagement during the retreat

Worshipful singing

One to one, intensive mentoring is a core element of Foresight’s work with the sponsored students. Rather than just providing the scholarship money, Foresight staff listen to and guide the students in all areas of their lives during each visit to Nepal. Mentoring via email and Skype continues between in person visits. It is a privilege to see these students grow and mature!

Listening, challenging, guiding and enjoying relationship!

As always, it was delightful to be reunited with the Foresight sponsored students!! We first saw them in the two men’s Foresight flats (apartments) in Kathmandu. Each of the students is studying in a Plus Two (grades 11 and 12) or Bachelor degree program. They have overcome great odds to advance this far!  All the best to them as they continue with their studies.

At the entrance to one flat

"Catch up" time at the flat.

John and a local pastor went on motorcycles to view the relief and rebuilding work to which Foresight has contributed. They toured some rural villages around the Trishuli area in the district of Nuwakot, Nepal.

Images of devastation bring sadness

Rebuilding....even a temporry shelter.... brings hope!

Church members, including NBA teachers, helped to build many shelters in the Trishuli area

The students at National Bethel Academy, Foresight’s partner school, are so grateful to the children of Grace Chapel near Boston, USA, for raising funds this week during their VBS to repair the NBA school damaged in the earthquake.

Students busily writing their thanks to the children in America

Likewise they are so touched that the students at the Landmark School, also in a Boston suburb, conducted a fundraiser before summer vacation and sent the funds to NBA via Foresight. THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!