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The repairs to the NBA school building, damaged in the April earthquake, have been completed. Both students and teachers have been hard at work transporting furniture, books, and supplies back into the newly repaired building from the temporary classrooms in the church. How wonderful it feels to be back in a “real” school after weeks in temporary quarters with only tarps for walls!

Students at work relocating back into school

Student "moving crew"

Hardworking teachers.....working harder still!

The move must go on...rain or shine!

National Bethel Academy students contribute to the earthquake repair work by cleaning up the debris and rubble in the schoolyard. Thanks, students, for investing in your school”s environment!!

A good way to use youthful energy!

Making a difference at a young age

The teachers at National Bethel Academy deserve our admiration. Not only have they been teaching in less than ideal conditions, but they moved the furniture and supplies from the damaged school, set up the temporary classrooms, and will soon have to relocate back into the repaired school building.

Teachers removing carpets from school

Tarps for walls

Teachers keep on in spite of the challenges