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Foresight’s partner school in Trishuli, National Bethel Academy, is committed to “more than memorizing”. They acknowledge that education is much more than what can be learned in textbooks.

"new way" of making bricks

Taking students on field trips to learn from the real world is a regular part of their curriculum. Recently they visited a brick making factory to learn about making bricks “the new way”.

Our most recent addition to the Foresight family of sponsored students is another young woman who has recently enrolled in a Bachelor degree in Social Work, just like Pramila who is featured below.  She, too, is “defying her destiny” as a female in Nepal, as well as a child of a formerly incarcerated parent. It is Foresight’s privilege to empower these women in their quest to be educated and to then serve the society with social work. We gladly welcome Kabita!

Our newest sponsored student

Defying her destiny, Pramila has completed her Bachelor Degree in Social Work. Currently she works as the live in supervisor  of a children’s hostel (dormitory) at a school in Kathmandu as she pursues her Master’s degree in Child Development. Read more about Pramila on the front page of Foresight’s website and in the section under “Stories”. Pramila is not living the “donkey life” she describes which is the destiny of the majority of Nepali girls since they are uneducated. Instead, Pramila will use her education and natural, God given, gifting to help others realize their potential.  Congratulations, Pramila for a job well done !!

Pramila at her recent convocation