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The teachers at Foresight’s partner school, National Bethel Academy, in Trishuli, participated in our English and teacher training, with enthusiasm. We applaud their openness to try new ways of teaching…as well as English!

Singing is a good way to practice English

Lunch break on workshop days

A very important part of our twice yearly visits to Nepal is the retreat for sponsored students. The students tell us they love these times away together! They are eager to crunch into a van for the ride to our retreat spot outside the city where the air is clean, the mountains are (usually) visible, and they are relaxed. It is a time to connect with each other and with Foresight staff. It is a time of both spiritual and relational refreshment for all!

On the way to our retreat!

Although every trip we take to Nepal as Foresight staff is unique in content, every trip includes

Karma with the "Foresight men", Dave and John

one to one mentoring with the students we sponsor. It is a unique aspect of Foresight’s sponsorship program.We value highly the time discussing students’ lives with them…sharing their thoughts and dreams, their delights, their challenges, and laughing and praying together.

Sharing a laugh with Sushma

Talking over serious life issues with Pramila