We have recently returned from Nepal and are again favorably impressed with Foresight’s choice to focus on depth, not breadth, in our work there. Again this time, we spent many hours with individual students listening, asking questions, offering perspective, challenging, and encouraging the Foresight sponsored students. The conversations concern health, ¬†studies, choice of future careers, present work challenges, family issues, and questions about faith and Biblical content. It is a privilege to wrestle over these issues with these serious young folks who are doing their best to build a purposeful life.

Talking over concerns about challenging subject matter

Weighing options for Bachelor program

Evaluating programs for Bachelor study


Talking about the best place to live

Sushma receiving degree

Sushma, one of the Foresight sponsored students, has recently received her Bachelor degree at her college convocation. She deserves to be honored for her hard work and success. Sushma has overcome her original destiny as the daughter of an incarcerated father. When she was rescued from prison by Prison Fellowship Nepal at a young age, she was in “pitiful condition” according to the records. Now she is an educated young lady with a job in a bank. She is also a committed ¬†attender at her church. Congratulations, Sushma!!

It has been a privilege and a delight to provide sponsorship and mentoring to such a deserving, motivated young lady. Thanks to PFN and her Foresight sponsor for seeing her potential and allowing her to realize it!

We always look forward to the time we spend with our Foresight sponsored students while we are in Nepal. Our bi-annual retreats include serious Bible study, practical instruction, and lots of fun! This time the retreat theme was “leadership”….as presented in the Bible, demonstrated in practical activities, and viewed in a movie. We believe that these students have great potential for leadership!!

The serious part ..Bible study, worship, prayer

The practical is leadership exercised in challenging team projects?

The fun part...always lots of laughs!

Laughing is supposed to be healthy, so we delight to see it in our students!

Giving individual attention to students is a core value at National Bethel Academy. We have seen that lived out in the classroom during our recent visit there. Small group teaching is also used to reach students with different needs and abilities.

While we are here in Nepal, our teacher training includes the promotion of “thinking” in school. To that end we have engaged the teachers in activities that require thinking, along with creativity and teamwork. We hope this emphasis will transfer to their teaching.