About Foresight Development International


John and Ellen Ratichek lead Foresight's work through regular trips to Nepal and weekly contact with partners and students. They began on-site work in 1998 with developmental support for 20 children drawn by Prison Fellowship Nepal out of Nepali prisons where they had been living with their parent.

John facilitates the development of leaders, teachers, and students, and manages Foresight’s strategic, financial, and legal affairs. He spent 10 years in manufacturing industry, 24 years in university student ministry, and 5 years consulting in development finance. He has a life-long interest in helping people do what they love and are gifted to do.

John holds an MBA degree from Harvard University and a BA degree in Religion from Amherst College.

Contact John at jratichek@foresightdevelopment.org

Ellen leads Foresight's education and teacher training work. She helps equip Nepali teachers with developmentally appropriate, child-centered teaching techniques and methods. And she helps guide the higher education placement of Foresight sponsored students. She brings many years of experience in remediating reading and learning disabilities, principally in private practice as an educational therapist and in the public schools of Bedford, MA, USA.

Ellen holds an MEd degree from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a BS degree in Child Development from Cornell University.

Contact Ellen at esratichek@foresightdevelopment.org


Dave and Terry MonaghanDave and Terry Monaghan

Dave and Terry have retired from their engineering and teaching careers, and regularly journey to Nepal as full partners in Foresight's work with both National Bethel Academy and Foresight's mentoring program. They bring technical expertise, a love for our Nepali partners, and excellent humor.


ManBahadur TamangManBahadur Tamang

As the oldest of the Foresight students, ManBahadur finished a bachelor degree in business and currently works in a bank in Kathmandu. He serves as Foresight's on-site financial manager for the student sponsorship program. He has recently married one of the young women from the Foresight program.