Earthquake in Nepal:

Foresight is providing relief and re-development to the devastated villages
around Trishuli, Nepal where our school is located. To learn more, visit our Blog.
To help, visit our Support page.

Education in Nepal is the current focus of Foresight Development

See how Foresight helps poor children defy destiny...

There is a great need...

The children of Nepal suffer from poverty, slavery, imprisonment, and a social class structure that eliminates opportunity. Girls and women experience especially low social status and poor literacy rates.

Education for Nepal

New School Project in NepalNew School

Foresight is providing educational expertise and funding for a new school which brings:

  • Modern, creative teaching techniques
  • Freedom from traditional rote memorization
  • Tools to think analytically
  • Enjoyable learning


Mentoring young adults in NepalYoung adults

Foresight staff guide young adults through college programs and into employment. This mentoring includes:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Managing finances and developing life skills
  • Professional education and training
  • Building the foundations of Christian faith


About the Country of Nepal

Once the world's only Hindu kingdom, this mystical, isolated, little known land is filled with rival tribes of people yearning to emerge into the 21st century. READ MORE

...and a great opportunity!

Foresight is developing schools, training teachers, and mentoring students. Together, the students and teachers are growing in hope, faith, and meaningful skills.

Lives are Being Changed

Remaining in my village meant bearing the burdens of a husband's family like a donkey. Instead, I am studying to get a bachelors degree in social work to help support my extended family which lives together in a one room home."