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Ashish attended a village government school in bare feet, without the required books and backpack. Ashish says "Although I was in grade 7 in my village school, when I came to an English boarding school in Kathmandu, they did not find me deserving of grade three. My house mother requested them and they admitted me to grade three which I failed the first two terms. But the third term exams placed me fourth in my class."

Worse than his economic condition was the company he kept: young kids already into drinking and drugs. When Uncle Dinesh saw Ashish's deplorable condition, he brought him from the village to Kathmandu to live in a hostel for children. Ashish was not pleased to leave his family or his "bad" company. But after six months, he "started feeling good" as he began to see the fruits of the disciplined schedule at the hostel.

Ashish has now completed his Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering and is currently writing programs for a company that makes software to help schools manage their operations well. He has chosen this work despite having higher paying offers because he wants to contribute to Nepal’s need for improvement in the educational system.

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