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Asmita comes from a rural village about two hours away from the town of Trishuli where National Bethel Academy (NBA) is located. Having completed a bachelor degree in education, she moved to Kathmandu to enter a bachelor program in theological studies.

Usually, when people migrate from their village to the capital, they don’t come back. But, after completing her bachelor in theological studies, the pastor who was instrumental in starting NBA convinced her to return to teach English. So she did.

Usually, when Nepali fathers tell their daughters they want them to come home to work in the village and marry a local man, they obey. It’s the customary expression of respect. But Asmita had developed a special friendship with a young man in her theological studies class, and he was coming to be an associate pastor in the church in Trishuli. She not only wanted to marry Buddhi, but she wanted to continue teaching at NBA despite the opportunity to receive a higher salary elsewhere. She wanted to be part of something new and better. Once again, NBA’s founding pastor stepped in. He cleverly helped her father see how her loyalty to the family would be enhanced by giving his permission for her to marry Buddhi and stay in Trishuli. And so he did.

Now she has completed her Master Degree in Education. But she is not satisfied with the education system in Nepal. She wants to bring new rays of light on education in Nepal through NBA.

Over her three plus years at NBA, Asmita has deepened here experience and commitment to her teaching. She is inspired by the potential for the broader impact of NBA's teaching philosophy, and of her own work, on education throughout the country.

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