School Development

National Bethel Academy

National Bethel Academy (NBA), founded in 2008 in the town of Trishuli, 70 kilometers northwest of the capital, Kathmandu, serves the local Tamang people, a group that has historically been oppressed and has been the target of girl-trafficking.

The school offers a more effective education than traditional Nepali schooling.

National Bethel Academy

  • Learning to think
  • Attention to individual student learning
  • Creative teaching techniques
  • Enthusiastic, happy teachers
  • Children are loved
  • Class size of 25 maximum
  • Flexible seating for learning groups


Traditional Nepali Schools

  • Rote memorization
  • Motivation by shaming and corporal punishment
  • Exams for kindergarten students
  • Large classes (up to 70 students)
  • Few resource materials
  • Disinterested teachers
  • Fixed benches

National Bethel Academy school room At NBA, children learn by doing with creative, educational activities and games. The environment is neat, warm, and colorful.


Traditional Nepali school room Government schools teach lessons and give tests without the benefit of creative engagement of the children.


  • Superior education
  • Children learn to think
  • Children love school
  • Hope for a way out of poverty
  • Girl-trafficking prevented

Nepali students playing chess at National Bethel Academy


The Key to These Outcomes: Training Teachers

Foresight staff have coordinated basic and advanced teacher training through two local agencies and have personally provided on-site development of teaching methods. Teachers are trained to think and to devise lesson plans that engage the students in their different learning styles. Though common in the United States, this is exceptional in Nepal, especially in rural schools.

What's Different?


  • Teacher speaks...students listen, copy, and repeat
  • Follow text book only
  • Impress learning through repetition, recitation, copying, memorization, and shaming



  • Teacher asks...students think and respond
  • Supplement textbook with creative use of materials, hands-on activities, physical experiments, games
  • Incorporate techniques for different learning styles
  • Relate lessons to real life
  • English language training with native English speakers

Nepali women working on a craft project at National Bethel Academy