Student Life Coaching

Transforming Young Adults on the Margins of Society

Children of prisoners who have completed their basic high school, but have no means or guidance for future development, are provided education and personal mentoring on their way to a job and a productive life.

Since 1998, Foresight staff have been involved in the lives of children who have been drawn out of prisons where they were living with an incarcerated parent.  During their early years in homes provided by Prison Fellowship Nepal (PFN), we visited them each year, providing retreats for faith, fun, and education.

Over the years, we have come to know each of them as unique individuals.  Once they were released from the PFN homes after Grade 10, we have been well positioned to help them move forward.


How Is It Done?


Final secondary schooling or vocational training.
Bachelors and Masters programs as appropriate.


Active support and guidance help these young adults choose appropriate educational or vocational paths; recognize their personal abilities and interests; have healthy relationships; and develop faith.


Interactive workshops build their capability with personal finances, health, resumes and job interviews, teamwork, problem-solving and analytical thinking, English language proficiency, and Bible study and Christian faith.


In the absence of strong parental support, Foresight staff provide personal care and encourage spiritual development and faithful living.  This includes finding a safe, encouraging place to live.  For most of the young men, this has been a Foresight apartment.

student lifein nepal


student lifein nepal


  • Confidence and Self-Sufficiency; Appropriate Humility
  • Financial Training & Stability
  • Careers; Contributing Citizens
  • Women Enfranchised
  • Independent Thinkers
  • Maturing Faith

student lifein nepal


student lifein nepal